Why take a Gauge Capability Course?

The following are reasons for taking Gauge Capability Courses:


Gauge Capability courses are specifically developed for people who wish to be more capable. Being more effective, more efficient and achieving better results are highly appreciated and valued by business, community and government.


Gauge Capability courses are designed to enable learning to be applied. By including tools and guidelines in editable form, participants can develop these for their work and organisations and enable learning to be directly applied. Coursework is designed around practical ‘real-world’ situations that enable participants to practice and refine their capabilities.


Gauge Capability courses are short and get to the main points quickly so that participants can understand the key issues quickly. This makes good use of time for people who are busy and would like to achieve results quickly.


Gauge Capability courses are self-paced and can be accessed at any time. This means that the course can be done when it suits you and can be done at night or over the weekend away from the pressures of work and everyday life.


Gauge Capability courses are designed to be interesting by including presentations with illustrations and examples. Books and additional reading and viewing provide additional detail and examples.


Gauge Capability courses improve capabilities which will be recognised by the people you will work with. Optional course certificates based on a review of course work are available which provide evidence of these capabilities.


If you are not satisfied with a course, please email and let us know why. Where appropriate, we can offer free access to another course of the same value.