Effective Online Meetings

Most of us have experienced meetings that work well. We are all in the same room, the organiser is well prepared, there is a clear agenda and meeting follows this and achieves its objectives. The benefits of these meetings are well known and have been shared in articles such as:

However, as a result of Lockdowns many people now increasingly rely on online meetings using Zoom, Meet, Skype and Team. Guidance is limited and often these type of meetings do not work as well as they could.

To address this Gauge Capability is developing the new EOM01 Effective Online Meetings course. This covers the following topics:   

  • What is an effective online meeting?                                        
  • How do you plan for effective online meetings?
  • How do you manage effective online meetings?
  • How do you follow up on effective online meetings?
  • Are there tools and guides you can use for effective online meetings?

For further information on the course and free previews of the material, please drop us an email and sign up to the Gauge newsletter.