These are courses that you can access on Gauge Capability. Click the Link button to find out more.

Built Environments

  • BES01 The Built Environment Sustainability Tool. Link.
  • DCA0 Designing for Climate Adaptation. Link
  • DCM01 Designing for Climate Mitigation. Link
  • RWH01 Rainwater Harvesting. Link.
  • SBA01 The Sustainable Building Assessment Tool. Link.
  • UCC01 Understanding Climate Change. Link


  • EME01 Effective Meetings. Link
  • EOM01 Effective Online Meetings. Link
  • ERO1 Effective Reports. Link
  • EFS01 Effective Feasibility Studies. Link
  • EPM01 Effective Project Management. Link

Gauge Capability courses have a focus on building capabilities and are different from most courses. To find out more about the courses, and why you may wish to use them, follow this link.