EFS01 Effective Feasibility Study Course


Full details on the course and what it covers can be accessed here. Link.


This course is about effective feasibility studies. It shows how to develop a feasibility study brief, carry out feasibility studies and investigations and write this up in a format that enables decisions to be made.

Projects and businesses are expensive and take time to establish. It is, therefore, worthwhile to undertake investigations before you embark on this to make sure that you a) are taking the best approach to achieve your objectives and b) that what you are proposing to do is feasible and can be achieved. Feasibility studies aim to provide you with this assurance.

Taking this course will help you develop knowledge, skills and processes to develop more effective feasibility studies.

On payment of the course fee, you will be able to download the course codes to access the course.

Further information on the course can be found here. Link


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