ERE01 Effective Reports Course


Further information on the course can be found here. Link



This course is about developing effective reports. It shows how to develop a brief, gather and analyse data, and write this up into a well structured, easy-to-understand report.

We use reports to present and analyse information to enable us to understand this better and make good decisions Some reports do this well. Others are difficult to understand, do not have the right information and provide no analysis or conclusions.

This course aims to help you avoid some of the traps that result in ineffective reports and ensure that the time spent in developing and reading reports is efficiently used.

Taking this book, and using some of the tools and guidelines, will help you develop knowledge, skills and processes that will enable you to become more capable of developing effective reports.

On payment of the course fee, you will be able to download the course codes to access the course.

Further information on the course can be found here. Link


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